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Welcome to Flying Colors Aerodecals!
We are probably best known as a decal producer, but we are also resellers of Pilot Replicas, Tarangus, RBD Design, Maestro and more. We're looking at expanding as well, concentrating on Nordic (mostly Swedish) kits, decals and accessories.

If you're looking for something not found on this site, feel free to reach out to us via email to fcadecals@gmail.com.

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Tarangus 1/48 Scottish Aviation Bulldog

This is the first time that this classic trainer has been depicted as an injection molded kit in 1/48 scale.
The kit is available in two different boxes with different decals being the only differentiator.

TAR4805 - Swedish Air Force or Army, 3 versions
SwAF green or two-tone camo, Swedish Army 4-color splinter camo

TAR4806 - RAF (2 versions), Malta and Kenya Air Force
RAF/Kenya/Malta - white/red/gray, RAF black/yellow

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$44.95 each.

Nordic Air Power Reference Books
We have acquired the excellent Nordic Air Power series of books. Volumes #1 (Danish Air Force) and #2 (Swedish Air Force) are sold out at the publisher and we're not aware of any plans of reprints.
These books are approximately letter/A4 size, 200-248 pages mostly in color and are printed on very high quality paper.
Coffee table book quality for sure, albeit possibly a bit on the small side for that.
Get them while you can!

NAP03 - Luftforsvaret (Norwegian AF) 200pp - $60
NAP04 - Ilmavoimat (Finnish AF) 200pp - $60
NAP05 - SAAB 37 Viggen 248pp - $65
NAP06 - SAAB 35 Draken 248pp - $65
NAP07 - SAAB 32 Lansen 200pp - $60

Each book is normally shipped separately in a Priority USPS padded envelope at a cost of $7 (Domestic USA)

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Vingtor is run from Norway and produces decals, mostly of Norwegian aircraft. They are generally available in both 1/72 and 1/48 (when there are kits), with a few 1/32 and two multi-scale sheets thrown in for good measure. Very high quality in layout and print. Vingtor has a policy of not reprinting any decals and many older sheets are sold out for good. I have listed the sheets I have in stock at the moment here (scroll down), feel free to ask about others but if they're not on Vingtor's web site, they are probably not available for me to order either. I hate to repeat mysef, but get them while you can!

SBS Models
SBS Models (from Hungary) have a lot of kits, accessories and decals and I have concentrated on the decal range (and one kit) to start, but will be looking into getting the accessories that pertain to Nordic subjects soon. The kit is a resin kit of the Danish SAI KZ II Træner (trainer) in 1/72 (currently out of stock), the decals usually cover Finnish and/or Swedish subjects and can be found here (scroll down on the page).

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1/48 Gloster Gladiator (J8, J8A) in Swedish service
Prefer 1/72 Scale?
It's available in the smaller scale for $7.00
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1/48 Brewster 239 Buffalo in Finnish service
Prefer 1/72 Scale?
It's available in the smaller scale for $8.00
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1/48 F-84E/G Thunderjet - Sola Fighter Wing, RNoAF
Prefer 1/72 Scale?
It's available in the smaller scale for $12.00
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1/32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc - 132 Wing, RAF
Prefer 1/48 Scale?
It's available in the smaller scale for $15.00
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Upcoming News for 2017
None of the advertised kits for 2016 materialised, so we're trying again for 2017...
Upcoming news from Pilot Replicas for 2017 include but is not limited to the following;

  • Pilot Replicas 1/48 SAAB A21 A-3 (full kit)
  • Pilot Replicas 1/48 SAAB 105 / Sk60 (full kit)
  • Pilot Replicas 1/48 dH Sea Venom FAW.21 (full kit)
  • Pilot Replicas 1/48 dH Venom Night Fighter (full kit)
  • Pilot Replicas 1/48 SAAB J29F Austria with Recce Nose (full kit)
  • Pilot Replicas 1/48 J28B dH Vampire FB.50 Vampire (full kit)
  • Pilot Replicas 1/48 Volvo 954 TL12 Tow Truck (resin kit)
  • Pilot Replicas 1/48 Engine for SAAB J/A-21 (accessory)
  • Tarangus 1/48 SAAB SF/SH37 Viggen (Reconnaissance)
  • Tarangus 1/48 SAAB B17 ?
  • Tarangus SAAB JA37 Viggen Interceptor ?


I am asking that you add a shipping item according to the total order price, but note that shipping and handling is often cheaper than listed. The Nordic Airpower books generally ship separately - see note. Listed costs are for U.S. orders, see below.

The listed shipping cost is a maximum value, we will never exceed this cost for U.S. Orders!

I take the USPS cost, add a nominal cost (usually <$1) for handling and package materials and round up to the closest U.S. dollar. For example, a single set of decals often ships for $3 or $4 total. For International orders, please contact us at fcadecals@gmail.com.

A brief history of FCA Decals

Flying Colors Aerodecals or FCA Decals has been around for over 30 years, since 1986. It started as a two-man endeavor when Mats Lindegren and myself, Sten Sundelin, realized there was a gap left after the sad demise of Åke Fredriksson of 'Specialtryck' fame. Our first sheet was a single-color affair in yellow with markings and stencils for a SAAB Sk60 of "Team 60", the Swedish Air Force display team. The modeler had to provide national insignia and some minor stencils and create green backgrounds for every stencil.

After that, we continued with a sheet of Swedish modern (introduced 1940) full-color national insignia and a sheet for Swedish Hkp4 Kawasaki-Vertol 107-II in Air Force or Navy (Marinen) markings, this time with full-color markings.

A few more sheets followed before I (Sten) moved to the United States in 1996 for my full-time job in the IT industry. After a few years, Mats and I amicably parted ways as it became impractical with the distance between us and I continued running the company by myself.

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You can contact us via email at fcadecals@gmail.com

Nordec LLC
P.O. Box 377
Brandamore, PA 19316-0377

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